Crawlspaces aren’t exactly vacation destinations, and it’s no wonder why most people don’t visit there often.  It’s dark, damp, and yes, usually spider infested!  Fortunately for home inspectors like us, we get to visit crawlspaces every day!  (it’s actually not that bad when you do it so often).  

There are lots of different things that we look for when inspecting a crawl space.  We look for wiring issues, infestations, rot, foundation/structural problems, sewage leaks, ventilation and more.  Right now, however, water damage is a major concern.   With the snow melting and more rain/snow on the way, water can find it’s way into the crawlspace and cause major problems if not discovered and corrected.  

I strongly encourage homeowners to have their crawl space inspected right now to see if there is standing water, or water damage.   This is not the time to take the out of site out of mind approach. Just because you don’t see that area of the house, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about.  

How Does Water Get In?
Water finds its way in through cracks or holes in the foundation, poor grading which causes rain to flow toward the structure (negative grade), lack of rain gutters, lack of rain gutter extensions and leaders to carry the flow away from the building, plumbing leaks, high water table, just to mention a few. . .

Wet conditions can cause rot, mold, warping, and other serious problems.  

Crawl Space Inspections With Report & Pics
Right now Five Star Home Inspections is offering crawlspace inspections to detect water damage. Includes full inspection of crawl space for water intrusion, plumbing, structure, and insulation. If water is present in the crawl space, we’ll give some options on what can be done.  The extent of the problem depends on how much water is there, how long it has been there, and in what areas.  Each case will be different, but you’ll at least have options on what to do.  

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Common Crawl Space Areas Of Concern