Tips To Reduce Risk Of Fire and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

We encourage everyone to install CO detectors throughout your homes or living spaces (see manufacturer recommendations).  If you already have CO detectors, give them a test to make sure they have good batteries and are functioning properly.  The first day of winter officially starts on Dec 21st this year, however, the cold temperatures in [...]

Five Star Professional Home Inspection Services

Looking to sell your house or have it appraised? Or are you planning on buying a house and want a thorough home appraisal before you commit your hard-earned cash for the purchase? The best thing you can do is have a reliable company perform a thorough inspection of your property. Read on to learn how [...]

Prepping Your Home For Winter

It's already that time again, fall weather is here, and it feels like winter is already knocking.   With many people still working on repairs caused by the previous winter weather, now is the time to start thinking about how to prepare your home for what's to come this year.  Many weather predictions including the [...]

Newly Constructed Home Inspections – Are They A Good Idea?

With the building boom going on in the Boise area, we get a lot of calls from future homeowners asking us if it is worthwhile to have their soon to be new home inspected. Our answer is always YES - new home inspections are a very good idea for many different reasons! Just because a [...]

Building A New Home? – Check Out Our Framing To Finish Home Inspection Service

If you are thinking about building a new home, or are already in the process, Five Star Home Inspection has an inspection service for you.  Our framing to finish inspection is for homes currently or soon to be under construction, and can save you time, money, and future headaches!   Having worked in the construction [...]

Why Having A Home Inspection During Winter Months Is A Good Idea

One of the questions we are frequently asked during winter months (especially this winter), is if it is still possible to perform a home inspection - even with all the snow and ice.    Our response in the affirmative is surprising to some.  In fact, not only is it possible, it is actually a very [...]

Home Inspection Damage Discoveries – December 2016

Each month we inspect homes that look perfectly healthy on the outside but are hiding expensive and even sometimes dangerous damage that is hidden underneath.   This month we'll give two examples.   HOLY SMOKES - Fire damage discovered under the house! At some point in the history of this home, there was a fire, and [...]

Home Inspection Damage Discoveries – November 2016

Each day we perform home inspections in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and other surrounding areas. While not every inspection results in a dramatic discovery, when we do find a serious issue, it protects the potential home buyer from spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on expensive repairs later on.  With over 34 years of construction experience, [...]

Know What Hidden Expenses Are Lurking – Get A Home Inspection

Right now Boise's experiencing a season of robust home sales. Thousands of Boise area residents at this very moment, are close to becoming happy new homeowners! Unfortunately, some of those new homeowners won't be smiling for long, due to unexpected expenses related to defects in the home that were lurking undetected. Even if you have [...]

What Do Home Inspectors Look For?

What do home inspectors look for?  It's a a question that we get asked often, and the short answer is simply this;  a home inspector looks at all systems of a house, and reveals any current or potential future problems.     Even brand new homes are not perfect, so we check off what looks good, [...]